DIY Fall/Thanksgiving Decor

Often times when you are trying to stay budget conscious, decorating for the holidays is sometimes put on hold or kept to a bare minimum. However, you can still add some holiday touches to your home all while staying within your budget. They might mean that you need to get a little creative and put your diy cap on.

I stopped into the Dollar Tree a few days ago to see what they had new in store for the upcoming holidays/seasons. I found a lot of great items in stock. In the craft aisle, they had some small stretched canvases in different sizes. I picked up 3 (two 4×6 and one 5×7 size).

While walking the frame aisle, I spotted a picture with a frame that appeared to be made of wood. It was actually made of particle board and painted to look like rustic wood. I knew I could do something with it.

I always like to check out the holiday cards and gift bags. You can find some with really pretty pictures and sayings. I found some pretty Thanksgiving cards and a two pack of large Christmas boxes that will be used for something different.

They still had their orange foam pumpkins out. I grabbed one of them, along with a fleece plaid scarf and a faux leaf bush.

I love to find wooden cutouts in different sayings. They can be used for various projects. I spotted some unfinished Christmas ones that were fairly large. I picked up two different ones for a future project.

With my purchases, I’m going to show you some holiday decor that can be made in a couple hours or less. Because most of the items came from the Dollar Tree, you can’t go wrong with the price either. In this post, I’m going to stick to the Thanksgiving and fall decor. I’ll save the Christmas items for a different day.

Using the 3 canvases and the Thanksgiving cards, I’ve decided to make some framed art. I first removed the canvas from the wooden frame on each. I tried to remove the staples, but in the end decided not to so I wouldn’t break the frames. The side with the staples will become the back of your frame anyway. If you cut right through the canvas, it’ll tear off pretty easily.

Once I had the canvases removed, I placed a frame on top of a card. The cards I chose just happened to fit the frames almost perfectly and only required a small trim. However, if you are using a larger card, just draw a line around the frame and then cut approximately and 1/8″ to the inside of the line. I set them aside for later. There are some really pretty cards available and they make for inexpensive art.

Using my gray chalk paint, I applied a layer to each of the frames. Make sure to paint the front and sides; it’s not necessary to paint the back with the staples.

After that, I used a little white chalk paint on a clean dry brush. I dabbed some off onto a paper towel, and then dry brushed it onto the frame on top of the gray paint.

With 100 grit sandpaper, I sanded along all of the edges and corners.

Next, I applied antique wax with a paper towel and then rubbed most of it off with another towel. Once I completed the frames, I re-sanded the edges of the frames.

The pictures were attached to the backs of the frames using a bead of hot glue. A piece of pipe cleaner hot glued to the back of the picture becomes a hook. That’s it.

Final cost, not including paint and pipe cleaner (already had these), only $2.00 per picture.

You can use this method with other cards, pictures, or photos as well. For example, look at this note card that I found at the Dollar Tree; isn’t it cute! I think it would look great as Valentines Day decor!


Fabric pumpkins are very popular for fall decor. One great thing about them, they are super easy and very affordable to make. Using the orange foam pumpkin, felt scarf and fall leaves, I’ll show you how you can make your own.

First, I removed the green stem from the pumpkin (you won’t be needing it) and used my scissors to make the hole a little larger. The scarf I purchased had fringe and I just cut the fringe off. Next, I cut approximately 3 equal widths, from one end of the scarf to the other lengthwise. The scarf I chose was a plaid scarf; I was able to cut along one of the lines making it nice and easy.

Once I had my scarf cut into 3 long strips, I then cut each strip into 3 pieces at approximately 19″ each. This gave me 9 pieces total.

Using my hot glue gun, I placed a dot of glue on the bottom of the pumpkin and then placed the center of one of my scarf pieces onto the glue. Bring one side of the scarf up and push the end into the hole of your pumpkin. I find using my scissors to do this makes it easier. Now do the same with the other side of the scarf piece. Try to keep the piece nice and tight to the pumpkin.

I bunched up the scarf piece on each side and then repeated the process with each piece of scarf. I ended up using only 8 pieces; the pumpkin was looking full and I didn’t feel it needed another.

When the scarf pieces were all attached to my pumpkin, I cut 2 leaves from the leaf bush. I pushed the stems into the hole.

I found a piece of stick in my yard for the pumpkin stem. I just broke it slightly larger than the size I wanted and pushed it into the pumpkin hole as well. I dabbed a little brown paint to the broken edge of the stick so it didn’t look so white. A little dab of hot glue holds the larger leaf down. Total cost for the pumpkin was slightly more $2.00!

And the final pumpkin is so cute and will add a warm touch to your fall decor.

Supplies for Thanksgiving framed art:

The links above are for the ArtMinds paint. You’ll need to select the specific color.

Supplies for fall pumpkin:

The links above for the Dollar Tree show the items if bought in bulk. I’ve included them just as a reference.


This is a home decor blog with the intent on sharing my information and knowledge of decor and crafts all while trying to stay budget friendly. I am not affiliated with or receive any compensation from any of the above mentioned companies or products used or linked in this post. This blog post contains my opinions and doesn’t reflect the opinions of any of the above mentioned companies or products used or links mentioned in this post. I am not a professional and this blog post is provided for informational purposes only.

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