Merry Hallowthanksmas!!

I know when some of you read today’s post, you might just think I’ve gone off the deep end. I am completely with you; however, there is a method to my madness. I just couldn’t take the chance by waiting another month or so to share what I’ve found!!

I’m sure you are aware that a lot of stores are putting their Christmas decorations out already. I mean, how can you not?! I love the Christmas season just as much as the next person, but I mean, really……’s only the beginning of October!

A few days ago, I ran into Walmart to look for a mirror for the entry that I am doing a makeover on. I decided to take a walk through the holiday aisles to see what they had on the shelves. I must say, Walmart has really stepped up their game with their holiday decorations. They had a lot of great items and at prices that are budget friendly. So needless to say, I couldn’t wait a month to share my great finds. Besides, the items probably won’t last that long, they are just…..that…..good!

The first thing I spotted were these three different print canvases. There’s one with a sled, one with a pair of skis, and another one with a pair of ice skates. They have a slight texture to them and the print is more of a matte finish. Each are adorned with pine branches and a buffalo check bow and they are only $7.98 each. That’s such a great price and the pictures are really pretty. Another thing I like about them, they are not “Christmas” prints. That means I can put them up for the holiday and leave them up all through the winter season which is perfect.

Speaking of prints, how about these framed prints? There’s a red truck, a red barn, or a white church available. Again, they could be used all winter long as well. They are super cute; with their wood frames, faux corrugated metal look and a price tag of $11.88, I’d say they are a winner.

Cute farmhouse look!

If you like rustic decor, check out this little Noel or Peace sign. They are made to look like little blocks of wood with stenciled letters. They are on the smaller size, making them perfect to place on a shelf or mantel along with your other Christmas decor. Another idea would be to add one to a wreath along with some poinsettias and a pretty bow. It’s small size makes that possible.

A brown moose is also available!

Keeping with the rustic theme, this polar bear welcome sign would be a great addition to anyone’s entry. The distressed look allows you to see the wood grain. He’s wearing a burlap bow that’s decked out with pine cones, berries, and pine branches. What a super cute way to great your guests all winter long. The price…..$6.98!

Do you like galvanized metal? Check out this Peace on Earth sign. The frame is galvanized metal and I just love the wreath and the colors they used.

Here’s a festive jingle bell and jute garland. It is six feet long. At only $6.98, there are so many possibilities that this could be used for. Besides using it on your tree, which would be really cute, try hanging it on your mantel or adding it to a wreath. Or how about cutting off a couple pieces and sewing them onto each end of a table runner for your dining room table. You could even add some of the bells to adorn your Christmas stockings. The possibilities are endless.

My children are not little anymore, but for those of you that do have young children or grandchildren, check out these mailboxes! I can just imagine my kids, when they were young, writing their letters to Santa and then placing them in this Santa Mailbox.

The North Pole Post Mailbox is a little cheaper than the Santa Mailbox but just as cute. It doesn’t have any greenery or a bow, but you could add your own special touch to it if you wished. Another idea would be to place some faux pine branches or greenery and berries in it and hang it on your front door (away from the elements) in place of a wreath.

I love the natural touches used on this rustic Santa!

Speaking of Santa, here’s a rustic Santa that looks like he is ready for the North Woods. I love his pine cone mustache and the fur trim on his cap. The rusty jingle bells add to his rustic look and he’s only $12.98.

An easy way to add holiday decor to any space is with pillows. I am a crazy pillow lady. I can never have too many. I found two different Christmas pillows, a Holiday Gingerbread Bakery and a Merry Christmas. Don’t you think they would look great on a sofa or even an entry bench?! They are only $12.98 each. Add a red throw blanket and some black and white buffalo check pillows (pillow inserts required for these covers) and you’ve got an adorable festive look for the holiday.

If you need a holiday wreath, they’ve got you covered. They have so…..many…..wreaths! I was particularly drawn to these two. Tobacco baskets are used in a lot of farmhouse decor. I love how they combined the tobacco baskets with pine branches, bells, and berries, and added a metal sign to the center. They both have a slightly different look but they each would look great above a mantel or on a living room wall. They were a little more expensive, but at $25.47 each, I think they are worth every penny.

Finding nice holiday decor, especially ones that don’t cost a pretty penny, is worth buying in October any day!

Merry Hallothanksmas!!

I have included links for any of the items that are available online.


This is a home decor blog with the intent on sharing my information and knowledge of decor and crafts all while trying to stay budget friendly. I am not affiliated with or receive any compensation from any of the above mentioned companies or products used or linked in this post. This blog post contains my opinions and doesn’t reflect the opinions of any of the above mentioned companies or products used or links mentioned in this post. I am not a professional and this blog post is provided for informational purposes only.


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